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Cafesserie: We Target People Who Enjoy Quality Coffee and Service


Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self, wrote Terry Pratchett, a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer. Indeed, people move miles and miles just to taste a certain type of coffee.

The newly opened Cafesserie restaurant at Acacia Mall located in Kisementi, Kololo specializes in making quality coffee blends.

In Kampala was present at the opening of the restaurant on Valentine’s Day and had a one on one with the Manager of the restaurant in Kampala and Mombasa.

Tell us about Cafesserie

Rafi: Cafesserie is a brasserie in Uganda that offers Italian coffee, French Bakery and continental cuisine. A brasserie is a concept born in France. It is basically a combination between a coffee shop and a restaurant.  We specialise in coffee, pastries which in French is patisserie so that’s why we decided to call ourselves Cafesserie.

What are your products?

Rafi: Coffee, pastries and bread are our speciality. We are very proud of our coffee and bread. We have a bakery right here that makes fresh bread. We roast the coffee everyday right here. We also have a full menu, Italian and French attached to it including burgers, pizza, sandwiches among others.

Has the turn up of people on the opening day been what you expected?

Rafi: Yes, this is what we expected and it is just noon (time of interview), so you never know how it will be by evening.

Who is your target audience?

Eve: We target people who enjoy good food, quality service and quality coffee

When do you open and close?

Eve: Monday to Thursday we open from 7:30am –  23:30pm, Friday to Sunday we open from  7:30am to 12:00pm:

What should people expect from Cafesserie?

Eve: They should expect excellent food, service and a nice atmosphere.

What makes your food unique from that in other restaurants?

Eve: We use fresh ingredients for everything. We don’t sell any artificial foods and all our meals are made from scratch. If you are eating a burger, the bread we make it ourselves, the meat we’ve just minced this morning or maybe an hour ago and the chips have been fried from fresh oil. It is a completely different flavor.

We understand this is the first Cafesserie restaurant in Uganda, do you have plans of opening other branches around the country?

Rafi: We don’t know yet, we’ve just opened so we want to first get stable here and we will see. But we also have one in Mombasa, Kenya.

How do you process your coffee and what special ingredients do you put in your coffee?

Rafi: What is special about it is we do our own blend and we roast it every day. We have three types of beans from Kenya and one from Tanzania, so we blend them to the taste of our director who is a coffee expert.

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