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Burney MC Talks “Emceeing”


Born Walakira Richard in 1989 at St. Francis Hospital in Nsambya – Kampala, Burney Mc is a Hip Hop activist who raps and talks for Hip Hop in Uganda. The Music and entertainment Young Achievers Award winner is also member of the Luga Flow Army, a rap group that fronts and protects the uniqueness of rapping and emceeing in local languages.

An ambassador of the Global End of the Weak in Uganda which is a Hip Hop culture improvement programme that is currently running the End of the Weak MC challenge across Uganda, he advocates for languages so he calls himself the Luga Flow Revolutionary Activist, Luga is a Swahili word that means language.

How long have you been performing? 

I have been performing from 2008. I was inspired in 2005 but wasn’t active till 2008 when I started rapping and performing.

When did you fall in love with music?

Music? I can’t remember but as for hip-hop that was in 2005. That was when hip hop got some awareness in Uganda and that’s when I heard a hip-hop record in Luganda on a Ugandan Radio station which inspired me.

Did you always want to be a performer or was there a different dream when you were younger?

I grew up in a neighborhood where I used to love playing football but in 2005, I had a period of self-discovery and that is the time I started researching about rap music and hip-hop. There wasn’t a lot to work with but it got me going.

So how did you make the transition from football to MC?

As soon as I heard my first rap record in Luganda it got me excited. I was really inspired, I started from loving it to actually trying it out in 2008 and here we are in 2012 still going strong.

Who inspires you now?

It’s so many people; Saba Saba (The founder of Bataka squad originally known as Krazy Native, Babaluku (The founder of the term “Luga Flow”), Abramz Tekya (The founder and Director of Break Dance Project Uganda), Faisal Kiwewa (The Director of Bayimba Foundation), Maurice Kirya.

Do you write all of your lyrics?


To what do you attribute your present popularity and success?

Hard work, my lyrical skills and End of the Weak Movement helped to raise awareness of what I do best and that is advocating for Luga Flow Music.

When can we expect a Burney MC album?  

Hopefully next year after the mix tapes and compilations before I get to a good hip-hop album.

Often when pursuing our dreams or goals we are faced with emotional and/or physical barriers. What barriers did you or do you face? How did you overcome them?

Mastering the Art Emceeing because it takes time to understand what real Emceeing means. Which so many main stream artists don’t know but I put in all my commitment and passion and aligned myself to learn the art of emceeing. Commitment, research, different skills, I was open minded, I lived it.

Why is that?

Because I knew what my target goal was.

What are some of the big stages you’ve performed on so far?

I’ve performed at Bayimba international music festival, Laba street art festival, annual hip-hop summit, the Jam festival in Berlin Germany, the International End of the Weak World Final 2010 in Germany, Splash Festival in Germany, Booyaka Festival in Copenhagen Denmark.

Burney Mc can be reached on 256 (0) 782 147588 Email: burney@eodub.com

Keep up with Burney MC by following him on his face book page Burney Mc, https://www.facebook.com/pages/LUGA-FLOW-ARMY/288923937806505 and https://www.facebook.com/pages/End-of-the-Weak-Uganda/124257904954

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