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Take the Family out For Bowling in Uganda


Bowling, pronounced ‘bowlin’ and not ‘balling’, is a game – a sport, even, in some places. Now this is article is not about ‘bowling’ in the cricket sense, or the basketball sense. Neither is it about living the good life (commonly referred to as ‘pimping’). It is about the game of bowling which consists of a bowling alley, bowling balls and a wooden lane.

Did you know that there was a bowling alley in Uganda? There is. Only one and it’s in the Garden City Shopping Centre, above Simba Casino.

Alleygators draws a regular crowd and known for its bowling. The bowling alley itself is made up of a bar area, an ice skating rink (yes, there is also an ice skating rink in Kampala), a karaoke section, a video gaming section, kids bikes and a section dedicated for pool table fans. Alleygators runs specials for children’s parties in addition to corporate and private functions. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are corporate bowling nights.

The basics of bowling are easy. All you have to do is roll the bowling ball down the wooden lane with one objective in mind: score as many points by knocking down all the pins with each roll. The more pins you knock down the more the points. Whoever invented this game certainly had all age groups in mind.

Given that bowling is a social game, which requires little thought if you’re not playing seriously, and provides lots of time for chatting it has become a popular way of passing the evenings for all sorts of people. It’s especially popular with families on the weekends.

Alleygators provides people with more than a game – it’s also a hangout where people can socialize and, due to its strategic location it also serves those well who are trying to avoid the jams around the city center on the evenings on weekdays.

Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi, a radio personality at XFM, shares on his sentiments on Alleygators and bowling: “For a date, sure why not? It’s a little different from the cliché movies and dinner dates plus it’s a great opportunity to flirt. For corporate events, it’s great for team building as its also competitive and bonding but limited in imagination.”

Alleygators has a snack bar that offers all kinds of snacks foods like ice cream, soda floats, and juices. Bowling at Alleygators for a date or a nice family outing over the weekend as the kids play out in the background and the parents watch over them at the adjacent bar sounds like a good idea.

A bowling game costs 7,000 UGX on weekdays. Saturday, Sunday and public holidays it’s 8,000 UGX but they also offer group discounts. It is open week days (Tuesday to Friday) from 1pm to 2am and on weekends (Saturday to Sunday) from 12:30pm to 2am. While open on all public holidays it is closed on Mondays.

For more information about bowling and Alleygators please visit their website: http://gardencityleisure.com/alleygators.html#activities. Their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/100557583319757/

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