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A Weekend Hide Away in Kampala Suburbs

Malakai Ecolodge

Kampala is an interesting city to tour around while visiting Uganda. There are lots of things that you can do while touring Uganda – from the avid adventure seeker to a leisure seeker who is just interested in a relaxation tour.

If you’re a person who likes birding , the Mabamba swamp, just  a one hour drive is the answer, offering birders with a lot of birds to see – different bird spices including the rare shoe bill can be easily seen at Mabamba Wetlands.

Have you ever been to Ssese islands? Ssese Islands  is one of the best places to visit for any of your vacation holidays in the Pearl of Africa!  Why don’t you give it a chance? The place offers a wider range of attractions not only to honey mounted but also to those who love nature, spot fishing, boat racing, nature retreats and swimming within the tropical waters.

Have you thought of taking a kampala City tour? Kampala is a dynamic nad engeing city with few of the hassles of the eastern neighbour and several worthy attractions to keep you occupied for a couple of days. Best of all, its safe to walk around virtually any where in day time and down town doesn’t shut down until well into the evening! Interested in an organised Kampala city tour? Why not book one with Day Trips Uganda?

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