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Best 10 Beaches to Visit While in Kampala

Entebbe Beaches

There are several beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria. Kampala itself, boasts of attractive beaches located along the Lake Victoria which is the centre of attraction for worldwide tourists who visit this place to have a glimpse of the second largest fresh water lake in the world. For those who’d like to sunbath in the sun and enjoy the charm and quaint surroundings by the side of a beach can take a trip from Kampala to the nearby city of Entebbe. This city has developed into one of the best tourist destinations because of its clear blue waters and pristine sandy beaches.

You can enjoy sunbathing at one of these beaches at Entebbe:

Munyonyo Beach: This beach is located about 12 km from Kampala and is looked after by the Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort. This beach greets its visitors by a wide variety of leisure activities from a trip to the Bulago and Chimp islands to boating to sailing to horse riding, to fishing and more.

Serena Resort Beach: This beach is placed in the Kigo District around 15 km from Kampala. It is a private beach resort, part of the Lake Victoria Serena Resort, open only for its guests. This beach is surrounded by dense forestation and is the best suited for water sports.

Mulungo Beach

Gaba Beach

Entebbe Beaches that You Can Visit from Kampala

Lutembe Beach: This beach is not far away for Kampala and access to this beach is free unlike other private beaches. Camping at the beach is allowed at this place. The beach also serves as a conservative site of the White-winged Terns and is mostly frequented by the bird watchers.

Nabinonya Beach: This beach is located around 30 km from Kampala. It is usually frequented by the young and old as well. Camping at this beach is allowed with lots of restaurants selling drinks and snacks.

Imperial Beaches: The Imperial Resort Beach and Imperial Botanical beach are places around 37 km southwest of Kampala. The botanical garden at the beach is one of the major tourist attractions. Both the beaches are the best hubs for sunbathing and water sports.

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