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Best Jeeps to Take on Uganda Self Drive Adventures

Driving in Uganda

There are several ways to explore your destination of interest, but self-driving appears to be the best. It is flexible, cost friendly and a wards tourists great opportunities to move on their paces. Therefore you should not miss this while in Uganda for your once in a lifetime vacation in Africa. It is not only cost saving but also allows awards travelers more time to reach some hidden spots.

One of the major factors that favor road tripping in Uganda is the favorable conditions and easily accessed roads that rotate around different regions of the country. This makes it easy for adventurers to check out different exciting tourist sites in the country including National Parks, Sanctuaries and Game reserves.

Uganda is a great country to live or visit. It is geographically located in the Eastern part of the Africa.  Share borders with Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South west, and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Tanzania in the South.

A range of attracting factors such as the already mentioned good roads, enchanting draws available, ease of accessibility, welcoming locals, available good service providers, stable security are some of the reasons why this Pearl of Africa receives huge numbers of tourists from different parts of the World per year.

Visitors to Uganda particularly tourists have two options to use for their adventures. Either by booking a customized Safari with local operator or rent a car in Uganda and go self-driving in Uganda’s major tourist spots.

4×4 Uganda Car Rentals is a leading car rental agency that specializes in providing all modes of vehicles for Self-drive in Uganda at an affordable cost.

A number of cars are provided for Self-drive but it isn’t a guarantee that all can manage the murram, muddy and slippery roads in the isolated areas of Uganda. Therefore we have tried to select for you some of the best recommended jeeps for Uganda Self-drive safaris. Check out the list below.

Toyota Rav 4

This portable Car is among the jeeps you should choose for your Self-drive Safari in Uganda. It is fuel friendly when compared to other vehicles listed below. If you are choosing a Rav 4, make sure to take the one with a 4×4 wheel drive. Some roads in different regions of the country are rough and tend to be muddy during the rainy season.

Rav 4s are of two types including five door and three door. Both accommodate five people including the driver and passengers but for tourists the five door Rav 4 is suitable for four people and the three door is meant for two. Other space is reserved for luggage. This is ensured such that everyone sits near a window to take in the outside views.

The only disadvantage with a Rav 4 is that it cannot be used for game driving around the Park for those who may be interested. It has no pop up roof which offer scenic views of different Wildlife species from long distance.

Land Cruisers

Land cruisers are comfortable and highly raised from the ground. It is strong and can managed Uganda’s rough roads provided that it’s a four wheel drive and as well in good conditions.

These jeeps are of different types such as Land Cruiser Prado, TX, TZ, V8 and more. They differ themselves with five doors and accommodate eight people including passengers and driver. For tourists it’s convenient for use by only four people, every one seated next to a window.

Most Land Cruisers used for Safaris in Uganda come with a pop up roof and that’s why it is one of the best jeeps used for Game drives in the country’s Parks like Queen, Kidepo, Murchison Falls National Park and more. From the pop up roof, views of Wild animals, sunset/rise and the wilderness are inspirational.

Super Customs

For group tours in Uganda, Super customs are ranked the best. They belong to Toyota hiace and are characterized with four doors and eight seating capacity but for tourists it is meant only for six people including the driver and passengers.

Another captivating feature on with Super customs are the rotating seats except the front one and that for the driver. They are always provided for use with a local driver.

Safari Vans

These also under Toyota Hiace brand. They are ranked to be more suitable for group and family tours in Uganda. Not like super customs, Safari vans have fixed seats and varying seating capacity that range from 7 to 10

Safari vans also come with pop up roof that is suitable for game driving excursions. From this roof, you will admire plenty of awe-inspiring views of Wild animals, birds, towering hills, sunset/rise and the Wilderness.

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