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Top 6 Places to Drink Coffee in Kampala


Besides being a top tourist destination within the African Continent, Uganda is known for its delicious coffee with sweet aroma. High quality Coffee that is consumed locally and exported to different countries across the World is usually grown from the slopes of Mountains Rwenzori and Elgon as well as west of River Nile. In no particular order, here is the list of best coffee houses that will offer exceptional blend of African coffee brew within Kampala;

Café Javas

Cafe Javas Kampala

Café Javas is always the talk of the town when it comes to quality and delicious coffee. It has a number of Branches all over Kampala including Oasis Mal, Kampala Boulevard on Kampala Road, along 40-42 Bombo road and Cafe Javas Kira road in Kamwokya and Café Javas Nakawa among others. Make sure to try out the Café Javas’ signature blend, a cappuccino blended with a shot of espresso or a mocha, all prepared from Uganda’s locally grown coffee. Why not stop by with some of your friends after work and taste what everyone describes as mouth-watering.

1000 Cups

Situated along Buganda road, 1000 Cups is a perfect stopover point after strolling through the African Village (an extensive handicraft market open from Monday to Sunday). When you reach this spot, just walk straight to the Coffee House and grab yourself a seat within the balcony outside in a small chair with soft overstuffed pillows.


Brood is a Dutch word meaning bread thus you can now picture what to expect in such a place but it’s not only bread but freshly brewed coffee. This Coffee house has a number of braches within the City with each of them holding a maximum of 10 clients at a time. The best branch is the one nestled within the corner of New Day Bookshop inside Acacia Mall, an ideal stop for Sandwiches and Coffee place during lunch breaks. You can add this place to your bucket list and experience the best coffee you have ever tasted in a lifetime.

Java House

Not to be confused with Café Javas, Java House and is an import from Kenya and brews some of the most delicious cups of Kenyan Coffee that is hand roasted to put a local touch that you will never forget. This Coffee House is known for its ice-blended coffee frappes that are usually topped with a beautiful cloud of whipped cream hence making the Java House an ideal stop for relaxing and sipping a cup or cappuccino in the warm afternoon.  Additionally, It is not only coffee that will make you love Java House but also the wonderful chocolate fudge.

Endiro Coffee

Endiro Coffee House is hidden behind a verdant bush of beautiful foliage close to the busy Kisementi Shopping Center and is a magnificent little space that serves locally ground and brewed coffee. When you reach here, just take a seat in the soft and cozy loft upstairs but would be a wonderful experience if you visited with as friend.

The Motto of this Coffee House is “brewing a better World” due to their endless commitment to buying coffee beans from the local farmers that they usually train and equip in Bududa district, on the foothills of Mount Elgon.

La Patisserie

It is designed with white leather chairs that are typically made of local baskets and art hence offering a feeling of modernity blended with traditional designs. La Patisserie boasts of a signature blend that contains both Robusta and Arabica coffee.

Besides the above, other must-visit coffee houses within Uganda include Café Pap, Good African Coffee and Prunes among others.

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