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Best Beaches To Visit in Entebbe


Uganda is blessed with many wonderful water bodies including vast lakes and ever flowing rivers that persuade vacationers to their shores each year. Notably Lake Victoria, the lake is found on the out skirts of Kampala city and it is highly endowed with several beaches and more than 80 percent of the beaches in Uganda are located on Lake Victoria, along the Entebbe-Kampala stretch. At these beaches we find remarkable rare birds, clean and beautiful white sand, celestial sunrises that awaits anyone. Here is a compiled list of more than 10 best sand beaches in Uganda situated in Entebbe;

Aero beach is one of the beautiful private beaches adjacent to the UN airstrip in Entebbe and this beach is located on the shores of Lake Victoria, sands summer huts, small boats, boasts of pristine and sculptural monuments of world leaders. The private area where this beach is located is decorated with two huge abandoned aircrafts and plastic statues of wild animals. The beach is always packed fully on weekends because of its proximity to the airport. For anyone who is not a fan of crowds should visit during the week days to enjoy exclusive privacy. The most exciting activities done at this beach include boat cruising, swimming or sunbathing. One can check the restaurants for fresh tilapia fish from the lake and chips as well as pineapple rings for desserts.

Lido beach is situated approximately 1 kilometer from the Entebbe international Airport; it is one of the oldest beaches in Uganda. It’s a fairly busy place and a weekend party spot and it is a favorite for the locals. Here you will find events almost held every weekend, ranging from family oriented activities to wild parties. One enjoys beautiful sunsets as they are lying down on the white sand. The major activities done are swimming, dancing, beach soccer, boat cruise and sun bathing. Anyone looking to have fun the local way should just drop by lido beach on a weekend or any day of the week.

The Munyonyo beach is located in the close proximity to Kampala and the beach is maintained by the Munyonyo commonwealth resort. The beach provides many fun filled activities like speedboats and also a visit to Ngamba Chimp Island and nearby Bulago Island. Luxury helicopter trips can be provided as well. Fishing or a game of paintball are other fun ways to pass time in a calm environment.

Ssese island beach is found in the north-west of Lake Victoria. It is a famous place for both visitor and locals alike. Perfect place for looking for tranquility and bird watchers. This island boosts a lot of exotic birds, monkeys and even occasional crocodile and hippo. The trips between the islands can be arranged from Kalangala by lake taxi or private boat. One enjoys a nice bonfire at nights and also visit party scene on the weekends along Kalangala bay. There are many restaurants so one is free to have a bite to eat and a refreshing drink in Kalangala town nearby.

One Love beach is presently owned by the popular Ugandan artist and politician Bobi Wine. It is located in Busabala and it is more than just a beach. It is a place for relaxation and inhale the lake breeze on a lazy day like a weekend. Visitors come and enjoy the games of sun bathing, beach volleyball, Pleasants stroll along the shore and the exciting boat cruises. This beach offers a variety of snacks and refreshing drinks like water, liquor and sodas. Local events and shows are hosted on the beach regularly.

The imperial resort beach and imperial botanical beach located south-west Kampala and they are ideal for water sports and sunbathing. These two beaches are close to each other. They are maintained and controlled by the Imperial Beach resort hotel. One will find many exotic trees plants and rare birds and this is the perfect time to take pictures. Visitors from the hotel visit the beaches and enjoy sunbathing, mystical sunsets and enjoying water sport activities. The beach normally gets crowded and it also hosts local events.

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