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Built on massive seven hills near the Lake Victoria, Kampala is the executive, fiscal, shipping, political and last but not the least the capital city of the African country Uganda.

Kampala Attractions & Activities

There are countless Tourist Attractions that you can see on a Kampala City Tour. There are many exciting tours allowing tourists to visit and explore the city from in and around.

There are several attractions in Kampala City.

Top Kids Attractions

  • Wonder World
  • Freedom City
  • Garden City

Top Places to see in Kampala, Uganda

  • Kasubi Tombs
  • Uganda Museum
  • Makerere University
  • Ndere Cultural Center

Featured Attractions

The Kampala Kasubi Tombs is a burial place of the four Kings of Buganda also traditionally known as Kabakas. The Namirembe Cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions in Kampala which harbors a bulk of Christian population. Kampala Bahai Temple is the spiritual home to the African Bahai community. Apart from all these attractions, the not-to-miss ones are the Uganda Crafts 2000 Limited, Mengo Palace and the Kabaka’s Lake.

Kampala Hills: Kampala is an exotic location set amidst the hills. One can visit these natural landmarks like the Kasubi Hill, Mengo Hill, Kibuli Hill, Namirembe Hill, and Lubaga Hill.

You can enjoy all these sights and attractions fervently when you take a city tour around Kampala or book an affordable tour in Uganda. Here are the must visit attractions in Kampala;

  • Namirembe Anglican Church
  • Sacred Heart Church Rubaga Cathedral
  • Old Kampala also known as the “New Mosque” or “Gaddaffi National Mosque” – Part of its construction was contributed by the Libyan President. This is an excellent addition to the skyline of the city. The attractive soft hued building is seen from various locations of the city.
  • Kasubi Tombs – A UNESCO world heritage site in Kampala that is the burial ground for four past Kabakas of Uganda as well as the Royal Lineage
  • The Uganda Museum
  • Makerere University – One of the Oldest Universities in East Africa. So far four East African presidents are graduates of the prestigious Makerere University.

Find time to visit the Uganda National Museum – Preserved to tell that story of where Uganda has been, its beauty and heritage. The stories are amazing! And those guys know their history-trust me!. Every time I visit, I enjoy the sound of the Ugandan drums and other musical instruments but the stories behind them too.

Kampala is residence to the government of Uganda- housing nearly 90% of government ministries and facilities. It houses Makerere University, one of Africa’s finest established universities, the Uganda National Theatre and the Kasubi Tombs – a sacred burial ground for the kings of Buganda, which is also gazetted as one of UN World Heritage Sites.

It also hosts one of the only seven Baha’i Houses of worship in the world. Known as the Mother Temple of Africa, the Baha’i Temple is located in kikaya hill on the outskirts of the city.

The MTN Kampala International Marathon is fast becoming ‘the event’ in the region. This annual event has attracted over 25,000 professional athletes, corporate runners and enthusiast in the past and continues to attract more every year. It follows a challenging route through the seven hill of the city. The proceeds go towards humanitarian causes whose thyme is different each year.

With all these and more to offer, this city is a wonderful place to visit, not just from the tourist point of view- come see for your self!