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Ugandan English: A Practical Guide to Uglish

All languages change and evolve over time as they are used in different places. English is no different. However, Ugandanised English, or (Uglish) could...

Uganda Monuments: Best 10 Kampala City Sculptures

When was the last time you did something for the first time? There are a lot of activities in Kampala city without cost and...

Salsa: Taking Kampala By Storm

Forget what you have been told: Salsa dancing is the IN thing. This social dance originated in Latin America but has spread to all...
Zawedde Sarah

Sarah Zawedde on Zawee Band

Sarah Zawedde on Zawee Band Watching Sarah Zawedde and the Zawee Band perform dispels the myth that Ugandan musicians are not good at live performing....

Top Reasons Why You Should Take a Holiday in Uganda’s Capital, Kampala

Tourists visit Uganda for various reasons since she offers a variety of facets that will be of interest for most types of travelers. However,...

Kampala’s Hot T-Shirt Trend

Kampala’s Hot T-Shirt Trend “Don’t just stand there buy me a rolex”, “Banange *OMG*”, “Milan/Tokyo/Wandegeya/ Los Angeles”, “Klassic Kid”, “My Kampala”, “Spoken Truth”, “Mpaayo Akaseera”. ...

5 Tips On How To Buy Art in Kampala

The Ugandan art scene is thriving. There are galleries all over Kampala. There are now two art journals and good arts presence in most...

Kampala’s 1st Flower Festival

Given Kampala’s amazingly fertile soil it’s no wonder that gardens, flowers, and greenery abound. Yet, while plants seem to grow out of every crack,...

Need a Laugh? Comedy in K’la

Need a Laugh? Comedy in K’la Comedy is an old profession. Even monarchs of old had court jesters to entertain. Today, comedy has evolved to...

Ugawood vs. Nollywood?

Ugawood vs. Nollywood? After The Last King of Scotland was shot in 2006, the rest of the world started noticing Ugandan artists in the film...
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